10 steps to implementing a CRM solution for Last Mile Distributors

1. Get Started + Keep Moving

2. Define your champions

  • 15 min Explaining the project, it’s strategic importance + Champions’ role (Distributor).
  • 25min CRM demo (Upya).
  • 20min Next steps + questions + discussion (Distributor + Upya).
Clearly defining the Champions is critical, getting their buy-in is just as important

3. Confirm your current state and processes, and identify opportunities for improvement

  • When the call center person gets a complaint from a customer that the unit is not working, how does the customer notify the agent, keep track of the notification?
  • When the agent goes in the field to pick up the unit, how do you know he/she has the unit?
  • If the unit is defective, the LMD needs to replace it, is that tagged in the system differently, is the swap registered at the contract level?

4. Define your roadmap of implementation

5. Setting-up the platform

  • Small start-ups with standard workflows should not need more than 2 weeks and should be able to set-up the platform by themselves (with supporting documentation).
  • Bigger organisations that have complex workflows, multiple nuances per country and/or require more sophisticated features such as Automation will need to invest more time and work closely with their CRM provider.

6. CRM — Integration

  1. The manufacturer uses Open Tokens to manage PAYGO assets, and the CRM provider is integrated with those. Three are widely used: Paygops’s OpenPaygo, Paygee’s Access and Angaza’s Nexus. As these are open source, any CRM provider can integrate with these tokens and generate the necessary activation codes. That is the case of Upya, which works with all three. (Refer to EnAccess Foundation here for more information)
  2. The manufacturers use specific proprietary tokens and the CRM needs to be integrated to each. Upya for instance is integrated with multiple manufacturers such as Biolite, GLP, Amped, SparkMeter and many more.
Upya Softwares works with all Open Token generators in the PAYGO Space.

7. Data Migration

8. Continuously test + validate

The Agile Method allows LMDs to move across their implementation while testing and validating each necessary flow.

9. Training and Go-Live

10. Celebrate + keep evaluating + keep improving + keep innovating




Innovative technologies for Last Mile distribution

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Upya Technologies

Upya Technologies

Innovative technologies for Last Mile distribution

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